Wildlife and open spaces at the heart of new Rookwood development plans

Edition: Winter 2020/2021

We have developed ambitious plans to expand Warnham Local Nature Reserve, taking on board recent comments from local residents and businesses.

Concept plans for land adjoining Warnham Local Nature Reserve looking north from the Reserve

The expansion plans form part of an overall planning redevelopment proposal for the Rookwood Golf Club which has been submitted as part of the Local Plan consultation.

Our plans would see the Reserve expanded by opening up 60 acres of adjacent land. This would increase biodiversity and support new wildlife habitats. We have strong aspirations to re-wild, protect and strengthen the ecology of the site.

We would like to see this northern section of the current Rookwood Golf Club enhanced and made more accessible to enable the public to enjoy and connect to nature within a beautiful, green, protected landscape. In doing so there would also be more space allocated for open-air leisure facilities with pathways which would encourage walking and cycling and  a wide range of recreational activities.

A new school, visitor centre, cafe and car park are also planned.

If the land is allocated for housing, our proposal would provide a high quality and environmentally friendly development with some 300 affordable homes. It would, of course, protect the existing waterways around the area including Boldings Brook, Red River and the Riverside Walk. Using our land in this way also means that we can continue to safeguard other frontline services.

These ideas were developed following feedback from key stakeholders and we will continue to work with residents and stakeholders to develop ideas for what the area could ultimately look like, ensuring that nature and recreation continues to thrive.

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