Renovating and preserving local history

Edition: July 2023

Many people long to live in a listed home as they look so attractive with their original features such as wooden beams, open fireplaces and historic stone or slate roofs - it's easy to see why so many of us might fall in love at first sight.

Uncovering an historic fireplace

Taking on the renovation of a listed building can be a rewarding experience for those who relish investing in or inhabiting part of the nation’s historical fabric.

Traditional timber beams

Bringing a historic home to life

Local residents, Mr and Mrs Asher wanted to alter, repair and extend their Grade II listed property. The project required planning permission, listed building consent and building regulations approval.

Sussex Building Control - helping homeowners achieve their dreams

The couple, together with a local builder, were keen to engage the services of our Building Control team, Sussex Building Control at an early stage of the project. There was also consultation with conservation officers and Historic England.

Roz Mothe, our Building Control Surveyor on the project team, commented:

“As we’re based locally, we’re close to site and can visit at a time that’s been convenient for the builder and the owners. We don’t rely solely on photos to review work. We’re responsible for checking every stage of the build to ensure it will be safe and efficient for the family to live in. The final phase of work is the extension and we’re currently working towards completion."

It’s so rewarding helping to preserve and restore local history.

Roz Mothe, Building Control Surveyor

This case study is just one example of the type of projects that Sussex Building Control can help with. We help residents create safe, energy efficient improvements to their homes every year. Our teams bring extensive expertise and invaluable specialist connections.

Sussex Building Control

Planning permission and building regulations: what's the difference?

Planning permission and building regulations approval (Building Control) are different. A project may need both or either one. Planning permission assesses whether the development fits in with local and national policies and Building Control covers the structural safety and accessibility aspects of development, and progress throughout the construction.

Further information

If you are planning a new extension, conversion or other type of home improvement then please contact Sussex Building Control. You can find more information and contact details on our website.

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