Looking after our tenants and landlords

Edition: March 2024

We are committed to delivering secure, quality homes for tenants while enabling landlords to let or lease their properties reliably and hassle-free.

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Do you have an unoccupied property?

Private sector landlords play such an important part in meeting our District’s housing need. Letting or leasing through our schemes provides secure returns for landlords and also means tenants facing the most challenging circumstances can live in a safe and secure home.

A home means so much more than shelter: it gives a secure place for children to grow, learn and play, provides vulnerable individuals a safe place away from risks, and offers a new start giving people the space they need to balance their health, wellbeing, career, and confidence in security.

One of our tenants, who spoke to us about their experience, commented:

“Moving into my private let accommodation has made such a huge difference to me and my children. Thanks to the Council's private letting scheme, it has meant that a private let is affordable. I had previously thought that I'd never be able to afford to rent anywhere privately and would be stuck in temporary accommodation.”

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They went on to describe our Housing team:

“The Housing team have been phenomenal – incredibly helpful and supportive. My contact in the team is always cheery, is incredibly approachable and prompt to reply when I make contact – meaning that I find it easy to get answers to any questions that arise.

“I can't put into words how much it means to have affordable housing. Having a place to live and having a place that feels like home are two very different things and I can honestly say that moving into the private let has provided me and my children with a home we love, where we feel safe and secure.”

Could you make a positive social impact with your property?

We offer management and maintenance services, and you can be sure you will be helping those in your community who most need it.
We offer two tiers of service:


You lease your property to us for three to five years. We pay you rent at 20% below the current Local Housing Allowance Rates and take care of everything else: tenant management, inspections, and some maintenance.


We find you a tenant for your property and they pay you rent at Local Housing Allowance Rates.

Further information

If you have a property that might be suitable please call Victoria Thompson on: 01403 215572 for an informal chat or email us at: horshamPSL@horsham.gov.uk.

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