Elections postponed until 2021

Edition: Summer 2020

Following government guidelines, all elections and referendums due to be held from April 2020 have been postponed to May 2021.

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Of course this could all change again as the Government has indicated that the situation will be kept under review.

If deemed necessary, we could see social distancing measures introduced at polling stations. Voters may decide to register for postal or proxy votes rather than attend a polling station.

We are expecting the beginning of 2021 to be a very busy election period, as there could be many varieties of elections that have to take place then. Elections to take place so far include the Police and Crime Commissioner elections, County Council elections and neighbourhood referendums.

Claire Hawken, Elections Manager

Apply for a postal or proxy vote

To apply for a postal or proxy  vote, please visit our website, call 01403 215581 or email elections@horsham.gov.uk.

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