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Edition: March 2024

Lots of businesses and lone workers could be safer with our affordable and effective GPS devices.

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You may be familiar with our personal safety alarms which keep vulnerable residents safe and help them to stay independent. Lots of businesses and lone workers could also be safer with our affordable and effective GPS devices.

Who uses them?

  • A GPS device can help anyone in a public facing role. For care workers, property agents, or if you make deliveries, it is important that you can raise an alert in case of an issue.
  • People undertaking higher risk tasks such as engineers, agricultural workers, or security staff can all benefit from help at the touch of a button.
  • Employers have a duty of care to staff, and families are reassured that loved ones will be located and looked after if needed.

Our suite of products

We have a variety of products that can improve safety in many situations.

  • A Chiptech GO is a wearable device with 4G cellular and GPS connection enabling you to be located if you activate the alarm by pressing the button or trigger it with a fall.
  • The discrete Mindme Wristwatch can pinpoint your location and connects directly to our Alarm Receiving Centre at the touch of a button.
  • Our Footprint GPS tracker offers two-way communication, a fall detector and SOS button along with GPS and GPRS tracking for instant location in case of emergency. Using Google Maps, its location can be accessed and monitored independently as well as through our Receiving Centre.
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Tried and tested

At the Council, many of our teams use the Chiptech GO or Footprint GPS trackers when working. It means they are supported on the go, and in the event of an issue help is always at hand.

Rob Leet, Parking team manager commented:

“As a manager, overseeing individuals who operate alone and in challenging circumstances, a comprehensive safety package has proven to be an invaluable asset.

“The immediate identification of an officer’s location ensures that help reaches them promptly. Moreover, the presence of these devices serves as a deterrent, often discouraging potential incidents from escalating."

“Prioritising the security of our team is paramount. Our holistic safety approach fosters a sense of trust and support within the team and can also play a pivotal role in recruitment.”

Rob Leet, Parking Services team manager

Why not an app?

A purpose-built device can get you help in an emergency faster than making a call.

The Receiving Centre is immediately aware of your location, your details, and any notes relevant to you. Your device can be operated discretely or worn visibly as a deterrent. An inbuilt fall alarm will summon help if you are unable to.

Devices use GPS and GPRS tracking and pick the strongest mobile signal available. Depending on the model selected, they can function for up to two months between charges.

Further Information

If our products could help you, please get in contact for more information or share this with your employer. Our teams will be happy to talk through our devices and offer an appropriate package for your needs. You can speak to an advisor on: 01403 215230, email:

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