Two play areas refreshed with foxes and forests

Edition: Summer 2020

Two play areas in the District have had a fun and colourful refresh.

A refreshed play area with updated equipment

Foxholes in Rudgwick was transformed in March with exciting new play features inspired by the area’s name. New play equipment includes a springy fox and fox den multi-play unit which has a foxhole tunnel, climbing net and slide.

A carved owl keeps watch over  the play area, which also has inclusive equipment – a spinner and nest swing.

A cartoon of the design inspiration for the Foxes and forests play area

Further north in Horsham, a small play area in Wren Close has been given a rainforest-themed makeover. The site features a forest tree unit with slide, rock wall and large climbing frame inspired by a spider’s web.

A toucan keeps watch over a springy see-saw and forest nest swing, which is suitable for a wide range of children with different physical abilities. A large snake slithers on the ground between the play features and another tactile snake climbs into the forest.

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