How our Community Link service helps Sarah

Edition: Summer 2021

Many think that our Community Link service is mainly intended for more elderly residents, but recently our team helped a 38-year-old lady stay independent in her own home to care for her young family.

Sarah with her Community Link Lifeline Unit

Sarah is a local teacher whose worsening health makes her prone to collapse with seizures, which is problematic as she has two very young children to care for.

She now has our Lifeline unit with a pendant alarm and a fall detector, so if she does have a seizure when her husband is at work and she is home alone with her children, the emergency services and key holding neighbours can be alerted.

Sarah shares her experience of our service.

The service was brilliant from the start. Initially I spoke to the team on the phone who listened carefully to my situation and advised me about what alarms were available and how I could use them in my situation, which put my mind at ease.

Phil, one of the Community Link advisers, then came to my house to explain how the alarm system and fall detector work, and made sure I could use them both properly before he left.

I really feel like it isn't just about the alarms, the team really care about my personal wellbeing.

I now feel safe and happy at home with my kids. I know that if I need any help I can just touch my button!

Sarah, 38

Adapting our service to COVID-19

Throughout the pandemic the Community Link service is continuing uninterrupted.

Our advisers have adapted their way of working to do initial assessments over the phone and they can still visit homes to install equipment, whilst observing social distancing and adhering to government guidance on PPE.

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