Food waste trial results are in!

Edition: Summer 2022

Results from a recent food waste collection trial amongst selected residents are now in and have been analysed by our Recycling and Waste team.

Cllr Toni Bradnum with food waste caddies

Some 100 households in the Horsham District recently took part in a new recycling and waste collection trial to include separate collections of food waste and Absorbent Hygiene Products (AHP).

An illustration of food waste

Top line results have shown:

  • On average each trial household collected 3.05kg of food waste per week
  • On average general waste was cut from 6kg to 4kg per household per week
  • Participants cut the overall amount they put into their green-top bins by one third
  • The capacity of our 140 litre green-top waste bins proved sufficient to cope with a three weekly collection
  • Participants found the food waste collection process really easy
Fruit and vegetables

The trial service used a ‘1-2-3’ collection system, as follows:

  1. Weekly food waste collections and an optional, free subscription service of AHP collections
  2. Existing fortnightly recycling (blue-top bin) collections and garden waste (charged, subscription service)
  3. Three weekly general waste(green-top bin) collections.

The Government is looking to make separate food waste collections mandatory in the future.

Collected food waste was taken to an Anaerobic Digester which breaks it down into bio fertiliser for use on land, and a biogas, which can be used for generating energy.

No decision has been made on the future pattern of waste collections but this trial should pave the way to building upon our current great recycling record.

You can learn more about the trial, find out useful tips on reducing your food waste and sign up to our Waste and Recycling newsletter by visiting our Food waste webpage.

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