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Edition: Winter 2020/2021

Our amazing Heritage team, despite the Museum and Art Gallery being closed for refurbishment, continues to bring you lots of ways to enjoy our wonderful local heritage.

Jeremy Knight, Horsham Museum and Art Gallery Officer, with the heritage trail leaflets

Trails of the unexpected

Get out and explore Horsham Museum & Art Gallery's colourful and fascinating new heritage trails, which will reveal to you lots of local inner secrets.

Twenty remarkable trails have been created, each providing an interesting and engaging walk around our District. They highlight such gems as a submarine memorial, a lost garden, post-industrial landscapes and medieval salt making, amongst many more unique local curiosities. We live in a district steeped in history and these trails will help you explore it. Available from local libraries and venues, or you can download them as PDFs.

The trails were developed thanks to the National Heritage Lottery fund, Horsham District Community Partnerships Forum, volunteers from the District’s various local history groups and Horsham Museum & Art Gallery.

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Horsham Museum and Art Gallery

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The heritage team's thought-provoking Blog brings you stories from Horsham District’s past, in-depth studies of curious objects, video tours behind-the-scenes in our galleries, exciting new museum acquisitions, video exhibitions for our visitors to enjoy remotely and lots more. It is ever changing and packed full of information.

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