Connecting Parish and Neighbourhood Councils in the call for climate action

Edition: March 2023

We are keen to help local organisations reduce their carbon emissions and are now supporting Parish and Neighbourhood Councils (PCs and NCs) on their own  journeys to help our District reach its carbon neutral target by 2050.

Carbon reduction graphic

Supporting carbon reduction in your parish  or neighbourhood So far, we have held workshops with 27 different PCs and NCs on how they, and their communities can tackle climate change.

The collaborative sessions focused on how to develop climate change action plans and the most effective ways to reduce carbon emissions, engage their communities, and care for our environment. Actions could include improving energy efficiency, providing  opportunities to repair, recycle and re-use items, and reducing waste.

One workshop attendee said:

Although not shying away from the impacts of climate unpredictability, there was lots to celebrate as so many inspirational people got their heads together to share ideas about what we as individuals and communities can do.

Workshop attendee

We are continuing our commitment to support their collaborations by hosting periodic meetings and an online platform to share  resources.

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Getting involved

Some parishes have already started some great work such as: running bike maintenance workshops, green film festivals, creating single use plastic recycling points, and installing solar panels on their village halls.

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