Ramping it up at Horsham's new skatepark

Edition: March 2023

Local skateboarders, BMX enthusiasts, scooter riders and inline skaters can enjoy some of the best facilities in the area thanks to a  brand new skatepark.

Skateboarder at Horsham Skatepark, credit Darren Bennett

The new skatepark, situated in Horsham Park, which has been designed in close collaboration with a local user group (pictured below), was declared open in December 2022.

Trying out the new skatepark

The new park contains some of the highest quality features for each of the wheeled disciplines. It has been made from concrete to ensure users have a fast and perfectly smooth ride with plenty of flow lines to choose from.

The technical bit

A large open flow section has been expanded in every direction and features a more pronounced hip, extension and jump ramp line which offers a more diverse riding experience for all. Skateboarders will benefit from the pump bump in the middle of the open flow bowl, which can be used to retain speed while in the bowl. Main image: Skateboarder, copyright Darren Bennett.

BMX rider at Horsham Skatepark, credit Ryan Cox RCX Media

Just around the corner is another open bowl which will appeal to BMX riders with ramp heights up to seven foot six inches for experienced riders who want a real challenge. The much loved two stair in the teardrop area has been extended and now includes more steps, a rail and hubbas. Pictured: BMX Rider, copyright Ryan Cox (RCXMEDIA)

The fully concrete plaza area caters for all riders, especially skateboarders, scooters and rollerbladers and features a specially designed rail as well as a flat ledge, manual pad, quarter pipe and flat bank.

Overall, each new area of the park can be ridden by all wheeled users, with certain features throughout catering for BMX, scooter, inline skates and skateboard riders.

The facility has been created by the  experts at Betongpark who demonstrated an innovative approach to design and strong attention to technical detail.

Come along

The Council is planning a Skate Jam in the Summer of 2023. This will be a free to attend event for all the family which will include demos, coaching and training.

Also tag us in your content on Instagram and we'll give it a share @horshamskatepark22. The new facilities support our aims for local people to live healthy and active lifestyles.

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