Our award-winning Community Link service helps residents live independently

Edition: Summer 2020

There is an update to this story in our Winter 2021 edition

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A Community Link team member with a client

What is Community Link?

Community Link is an award-winning service that helps residents across the Horsham District feel safe and independent, by providing them with a variety of technology enabled care products now known as TEC (Technology Enabled Care).

It gives both me and my family peace of mind

Community Link client

Service adapted due to coronavirus

Throughout the coronavirus crisis the Community Link service is continuing uninterrupted.

Our advisers have adapted their  way of working to do initial assessments over the phone and they can still visit homes to install equipment, whilst observing social distancing and adhering to government guidance on PPE.

At this time, with so many people self-isolating as a result of coronavirus, it has never been more crucial to  help keep our vulnerable residents safe, especially as so many are  home alone.

Emma Quest, Community Link Services Manager

The products on offer

You may already know of the service’s Lifeline unit and pendant (red button), but did you know the Community Link team can provide over 200 different technology-based products to meet a broad range of customer needs? Some of the popular products they offer are:

A lady with a pink Footprint unit on a string around her neck


A location tracking device which can be carried by anyone including; those living with dementia, those with mobility impairments, walkers or lone workers. The device can summon help to their location.

Falls detection sensor

There are a variety of different technologies that can be used for this, however all have the same goal, to automatically summon help should a fall occur, without the user pressing the button. Advisors can help assess the need for this equipment.

Epilepsy sensor

There are several technologies that can be provided, depending on what is most appropriate. The sensor alerts a nominated person that the user is having a seizure.

This is exactly the help we were looking for

Community Link client

Get in touch

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from the Community Link service please call 01403 215230 or email community.link@horsham.gov.uk.

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