Horsham District Befriends

Edition: Summer 2022

Could you be a Volunteer Befriender to someone in need?

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We have partnered with Citizens Advice in West Sussex, the NHS, West Sussex County Council and various other organisations, to help deliver an exciting new service called Horsham District Befriends. The service supports people of all ages (18+) who have anxieties about leaving the house or who are feeling lonely.

Horsham District Befriends

Horsham District Befriends is looking for volunteers who can give one or two hours a week of their time for a pilot project that we hope will become an established service in the future. This is a great way to give something back to your local community in response to the pandemic, which has led to many people feeling lonely and isolated. The project is aiming to match volunteers with people in need of some company. This could mean chatting on the phone, going for a walk or accompanying someone to a community group.

Get involved

To find out more, visit the Volunteer Horsham District website, enter your postcode and search for  Horsham District Befriends

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