New adventure trail for Horsham Park

Edition: Winter 2020/2021

Children aged 8 to 11 years can now enjoy some great new play equipment in the play area in Horsham Park.

Primary school children sit at the top of Horsham Park's new play equipment smiling

The exciting upgrade is at the northern part of the play area alongside the Pavilions in the Park leisure centre. The exhilarating adventure trail includes a series of sprawling net play structures to take children on an adventure up to a large tree house on the top of the existing grass hill.

The new adventure trail at Horsham Park has rope ladders and swings to climb across

The new structures also include a large rope hammock and wind chimes, which enable children with limited mobility to be engaged with this part of the play area.

The play area improvement has been funded through contributions from local planning developments and is aimed at providing space for more children to play in an imaginative  and challenging way.

Pictured: Pupils from Kingslea Primary School enjoyed the chance to test out the new adventure trail and play equipment ahead of its opening.

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