Our Young People Safety Survey: the results are in

Edition: Winter 2022

Over the summer months of 2021 we asked young people across the District for their views about where they felt safe or unsafe when they were out and about.

They also shared ideas with us about what could be done to make local public spaces safer.

Here’s some of the highlights of our survey:

  • Ideas for making outdoor spaces safer included more CCTV cameras, better lighting and more police and warden patrols in areas where young people gather.
  • Ideas for reducing levels of anti-social behaviour focused on providing more positive activities and building a sense of community.

We need more safe places to hang out.

Survey respondent

When asked whether it was fair that young people were often blamed for anti-social behaviour many responses made the point that young people are often stereotyped as troublemakers.  One respondent said: “Whilst we understand that the youth are sometimes to blame, we feel we are judged more and not trusted by members of the public".

Here are what two other respondents had to say:

Increase the amount of inclusive and social areas for young people

Survey respondent

Seeing the wardens patrolling makes me feel safer.

Survey respondent

Thank you to all the respondents to our survey, we are now actively working with young people to put in place some of the suggestions and ideas put forward.

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