Tackling the HGV driver shortage – we’re hiring!

Edition: Winter 2022

Industries nationwide face ongoing shortages of HGV drivers which is currently triggering widespread disruption to services across Britain.

an HGV driver in his truck

Local authorities across the UK have also been affected with many being forced to suspend garden waste collection services for a time, and some having to reduce collections of recycling and waste.

Whilst the effect of the shortages has been challenging for us here in Horsham District, we have been in the fortunate position of not yet having to suspend or cancel collections, as we have put various proactive measures in place to prevent the effects of shortages.

Want support to train for a new career?

To help combat any problems and future proof our collection services for residents, we are running an innovative Newly Qualified Driver Recruitment campaign. Additionally, we have grown our own staff talent pool by supporting loaders who would like to transfer their skills and take their HGV driver tests to become fully qualified drivers.

I started as a loader, then passed my HGV, the Council supported me with training and gave me experience in driving vehicles as a newly qualified driver

Keith, Zonal Manager

Take a driver experience day

As part of the campaign we are offering free Driver Experience Days where potential drivers can visit our depot, take a driving assessment and, if they are still interested, progress to the next stage of the recruitment process.

The new recruits would also be supported with their Certificate of Professional Competence be reimbursed for medical expenses, and enjoy the numerous benefits of working for the Council.

Building a bank of drivers

Our future aspiration is to build up a bank of drivers that we can deploy to our local authority partners. We are also looking at our workforce planning over the next five years as there are several drivers who have indicated they will be looking to retire. So, for us, building our driver numbers will be an ongoing process.

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