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Edition: March 2023

Could you make a positive social impact with your property?

Jess private landlord in Steyning

It’s easy to see the appeal of our leasing and letting schemes, which offer private sector landlords in the Horsham District stress-free letting with reliable, consistent, continuous income.

We offer management and maintenance services, and you can be sure you will be helping those who most need it in your community.

But what does that mean to our local landlords and tenants?

Jess has decided to let her property in Steyning under the new private sector letting scheme. She tells us her story:

I moved from Brighton 23 years ago. As a single parent, I struggled financially which resulted in having to move homes frequently. My children found it very unsettling; and it was a very stressful time for me too. In 2005 I managed to buy my own flat in Steyning, which meant that  we did not have to keep moving every single year. This was a turning point, and the start of a much happier, calmer and more settled life. We were welcomed into the community with open arms; my children thrived and so did I!

Recently I made the difficult decision to relocate to Birmingham. The thought that I could be helping another family is what motivated me to lease my flat to the Council. It is my hope that someone will find the happiness and stability in my home, just as I did.

My home represents far more than a place to live, it is where hope begins!

Working with the Council team was an absolute pleasure, right from the start. I am grateful to all of them. But the thing that amazed me the most was just how dedicated, transparent, and highly professional they all are.

I would recommend letting or leasing your home through the Council if you wish to make a  difference in your community. It allows families to afford decent housing. It could change someone’s life!

Victoria smiles at her desk

We offer two tiers of service


You lease your property to us for three to five years. We pay you rent at 20% below the current Local Housing Allowance Rates and take care of everything else: tenant management, inspections, and some maintenance.


We find you a tenant for your property and they pay you rent at Local Housing Allowance Rates.


  • Managed letting
  • No fees
  • Peace of mind
  • Help your community

Talk to us today

If you have a property that might be suitable please call Victoria Thompson on 01403 215572, or
email us at horshamPSL@horsham.gov.uk

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