Horsham Park pond area is now open for all to enjoy

Edition: November 2023

The last part of our programme of improvements to Horsham Park’s much loved pond area was completed in the summer.

Family in Park photo

The project included re-landscaping the pond edge and improving accessibility with a gently sloping path onto a flat area to view the pond, along with a new information board and refurbished and relocated seating.

A haven for nature

The area now benefits from new gates and fencing including ‘hedgehog highways’ which allow safe passage for hedgehogs to pass freely through the area.

Grasses and wildflowers have been introduced into the beds either side of the path to further improve the habitat around the pond.

Essential work has been undertaken to de-silt the pond, which is a regular requirement to maintain water quality and storage capacity. In addition, necessary repairs to the sluice have been completed.

During the works the Council was mindful to create minimal disturbance to habitats for birds and wildlife, and specialist aquatic consultant advice was sought to manage fish, balancing stocks by re-homing healthy native varieties to benefit water quality and biodiversity.

Love our ducks

We know that lots of people like to feed the ducks on the pond, even though there is plenty of food available naturally. Bread is a popular choice, but it is not very nutritious and any left uneaten can encourage green algae and attract rodents.

If you wanted to bring a tasty treat for the ducks, grapes, sweetcorn, lettuce, peas, oats, or seeds are healthy foods for them.

This project was partly funded through Section 106 contributions from local developments.

Plan your visit

Visit Horsham Park for its wide open spaces, tranquil Sensory Garden and Human Nature Garden, buzzing sports clubs and activity centres, and its excellent children’s play area.

Perfect for picnics, barbecues and feeding the ducks, Horsham Park is the best place in town to relax on a sunny afternoon. Head to one of our many cafes for a host of freshly made refreshments, or relax while enjoying live music from the bandstand.

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