Improved recycling rates during coronavirus period

Edition: Summer 2020

Horsham District residents achieved much improved recycling rates in March 2020, since the start of the coronavirus outbreak.

The fleet of Horsham District Council bin trucks

The quality of the recycling collected has dramatically improved with no recycling loads being rejected for poor quality throughout March, meaning that everything residents have put in their blue-topped bins  will be reprocessed into new items.

The Council extends its thanks to all residents who have increased their levels of recycling, despite the difficulties they are facing during these troubling times.

Horsham District already has a very good track record for recycling, so to build upon this is excellent. These recent achievements come after the Horsham District achieved a recycling rate of 53.5% for 2019, exceeding the 50% target that was set for 2020 ahead of time.

These results maintain our position as the best performing district for recycling across the whole of West Sussex and one of the top performers in the UK.

Are you thinking about how you can do more with reducing your waste? Home composting is a great way to ensure that green and organic kitchen waste doesn’t end up in landfill. Visit Waste Prevention West Sussex for a subsidised home composter.

Tips to recycle more

Remember, recycling needs to be clean, dry and loose in your bin. For tips to recycle more, check out the Council's recycling website.

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